The Black Book

This photo-essay is about Truth not being a absolute. Truth is one’s perception of things …

Here I have used the analogy of a team of investigators that believe in the  existence of the inexplicable/Extra-terrestrial. They suspect this photographer to be one of them and believe that one of her work (which ironically is based on Neitzche’s quote “If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you” )  could be the key to unlocking their questions…



(click on the image to view the series)




The Non-Civil Disobedience Movement

One fine day my hand decided that it wanted autonomy from me, it wanted to be a different entity. Like any sane person I refuted and from then on till now the non-civil disobedience movement has begun. I early on decided that caving into these absurd demands would set a bad example to my other body parts, so I outsourced whatever I could but then there is only so much that an outsourced hand is willing to do.

I have lost my dignity and independence but the most painful part was when it hijacked my photography. I slowly but surely realised that the hand was framing and taking images that it liked. And when I sat down to edit it was selecting images that created a strange mismash. Below is the photo-essay that it has created as an ode to all its fellow hands. I think it wanted to make a mark in the history of hands!!-it has assured me that if I agree to put its work out in the world then it would be ready to have a dialogue…so here is its work..but do see it at your own peril, what if your hand gets inspired?


(click on the image to view the series)



The Futile Hope

I was asked by a friend to capture images of a cancer camp held for the women who help keep our city clean. The thought though very noble was really futile since these women come from financially poor backgrounds. So even if the doctor was able to help detect cervical/breast cancer, where would the funds come for not just the treatment but also to be able to cover the opportunity cost of not working while being treated for the disease (as these are almost like daily wage workers). My friend mentioned that when one of the women in their previous camp was detected with cancer, the husband told them that he could afford another wife but really was in no state to pay for the treatment!


(Click on the image to view the series)














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